Pros and Cons of Using Exposed Aggregate

The pros of using exposed aggregate are high durability, customisability, and minimal maintenance, while its cons are its cost to install and difficulty to repair. Nevertheless, many homeowners choose exposed aggregate for their driveways because of the benefits it provides.

Besides the ones mentioned above, it also provides people with a non-slip concrete surface, which makes it safe for use even when it gets wet. Exposed aggregate can also be made using recycled materials, which makes it an environmentally-friendly option for homeowners.

For this blog, we’ll expand more on the pros and cons of using exposed aggregate.

Pros of Exposed Aggregate

Here are the pros of exposed aggregate:

High Durability

Exposed aggregate is quite durable, making it an ideal material for different surfaces. The aggregate is made of gravel or small stones that add strength to its structure.

Since the aggregate material will be embedded in the concrete surface, it becomes far more durable than other non-slip surfaces. Such an increase in sturdiness allows it to take on heavy loads and constant traffic.

Easily Customisable

Another advantage that comes with using exposed aggregate is that it’s easy to customise. There are many colours and textures available that you can choose from to match your home. It’s even possible to select a specific size and depth of exposure for your aggregate.

Additionally, exposed aggregate can be stamped and coloured to give it a natural look, similar to the appearance of stone and brick.

Minimal Maintenance

You don’t need to maintain exposed aggregate as much as other concrete surfaces. The convenience and cost-effectiveness that this material provides are what make it quite popular among homeowners.

Exposed aggregate also shrugs off discolouration, staining, and mould better than other concrete driveway finishes. This means you only have to clean it every once in a while to maintain its appearance.

Cons of Exposed Aggregate

These are the cons of using exposed aggregate:

Costly to Install

A huge advantage of exposed aggregate is the added cost to install it. This is because the installation will require more work and materials. There are also additional steps to consider, such as preparing its base and pouring concrete.

You can also expect the aggregate material to add to the overall cost.

Can Be Hard to Repair

Compared to other driveway finishes, exposed aggregate takes more skill to repair due to its unique traits. Finding a matching stone mix for the aggregate isn’t easy; you may no longer find a similar pattern to the one you originally had.

Concreters will also need to use specialised equipment to fix exposed aggregate.If you’re interested in the top concrete driveway mistakes to avoid, check out our blog about them today.