Top Driveway Installation Mistakes to Avoid

The top driveway installation mistakes you should avoid are improper crossover installation, using subpar materials, ignoring drainage problems, and not getting expert help. Installing a new driveway isn’t a job anyone can do. It needs proper preparation, equipment, and expertise to complete successfully.

Expert concreters in Frankston know what possible issues can happen due to substandard driveway installation. That’s why learning about these errors is important, so you don’t experience the consequences.

For this post, we’ll share with you the mistakes that you should definitely avoid when installing a driveway.

Improper Crossover Installation

One of the biggest mistakes in installing a driveway is to have a misaligned crossover. Property owners will experience several issues if this part of their home is incorrectly installed.

For instance, improper crossover installation can become a safety hazard for drivers and pedestrians alike. Not only will it be difficult for vehicles to enter and exit the driveway, but it can also lead to accidents in the future.

Furthermore, a misaligned crossover can cause the surface of a driveway to crack or shift over time.  

Using Subpar Materials

A common mistake when installing a new driveway is to use low-quality materials. You might think you can save on costs by choosing substandard products, but you’ll spend more in the long run.

For example, deciding to skimp on the materials used for exposed aggregate will result in more problems later on. In time, the inferior materials will easily crack or break away and become a safety hazard.

Additionally, choosing subpar materials can lead to issues such as lower durability. You not only waste money in having to repair it constantly but also exert more effort to keep it intact.

Ignoring Drainage Problems

If you don’t check for drainage concerns when installing a driveway, you can expect problems to pop up after. For example, water that regularly accumulates on a driveway during the wet season can lead to cracking and erosion to its surface.

Additionally, water seeping into a driveway’s base can cause it to shift or settle, leading to further issues. You can also expect poor drainage to result in an overflow of water that can damage landscaping, walkways, and even the home’s foundation.

Getting help from a plumber before deciding to install a driveway is essential.

Not Getting Expert Help

Getting help from an experienced driveway installer can be highly beneficial for homeowners. Having the right expertise and experience can lead to the best results for a driveway installation project.

Without a professional for guidance, you’ll only increase the chances of making mistakes when constructing the driveway. You may end up having to repair and maintain it regularly because of constant problems.

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