How Do You Construct a Concrete Driveway?

To construct a concrete driveway, you must prepare the area, set up the required formwork, pour and level the concrete, and allow it to set for at least 24 hours. These steps require professional knowledge and appropriate equipment to carry out effectively.

It is strongly advised to employ experienced concreters in Frankston when constructing a concrete driveway. A mistake during any of these steps could result in serious issues down the line.

This article will go over the steps involved in constructing a concrete driveway and how long you must wait before using it.

Steps in Building a Concrete Driveway

These are the main steps in building a concrete driveway:

Step 1: Preparing the Site

The initial and arguably most crucial step in constructing a concrete driveway is the preparation of the site. This stage involves clearing away any remnants of a previous driveway on the site, levelling it, and laying a layer of gravel for drainage. Ensuring the surface is level is crucial before proceeding.

Step 2: Place the Forms

With the site prepared, the next step is to install formwork to define the edges of your driveway. These forms will serve as a mould to hold the poured concrete in place as it sets. You may also need to add reinforcing steel for further support of the driveway.

Step 3: Start Pouring Concrete

When the concrete delivery truck arrives with your concrete, you can begin pouring it onto the prepared surface. You must then distribute it evenly using a screed. For smaller jobs where you are mixing the concrete yourself, you can use a concrete mixer or obtain ready-mixed concrete from a supplier.

Step 4: Apply Expansion Joints

Ensure to add expansion joints to your concrete every 2.5 to 3 metres. These joints will enable the hardened concrete to accommodate any temperature changes and movement to avoid cracking. Adhering to these tips for concrete driveway will guarantee a successful outcome.

Step 5: Finish Off the Surface

Once the concrete has been levelled and expansion joints added, it’s time to finish the surface using a trowel. This tool will smooth out any rough areas and give your concrete driveway a professional look afterward. Using a bull-float on the surface is advisable to close any surface pores and make it even smoother.

How Many Days Should I Wait Before Using My Concrete Driveway?

You must wait a minimum of 7 days before using your newly-constructed concrete driveway. This is due to the fact that concrete requires several days to cure after being poured. This critical step is necessary for the surface to harden and become more robust.

To speed up the process, you can use a curing compound or cover the surface with moist plastic sheeting or burlap.If you’re interested in learning about concrete driveway rebar, visit our blog to read all about it.