Is It a Good Idea to Get a Concrete Driveway?

Yes, a concrete driveway is a good idea. The biggest reason to choose a concrete driveway is that concrete is extremely strong and durable. It’s capable of lasting for decades without the need for constant maintenance.

In Frankston, many homeowners hire concreters to construct their driveways because they know this material can outlast other options available. What makes concrete ideal for residences is that you can choose to give it a coloured, stamped, or stencilled look to make it unique.

To help you decide, we’ll answer the common questions people often ask when choosing between a concrete driveway and a paved driveway.

Is a Concrete Driveway Better Than a Paved One?

Yes, a concrete driveway is better than a paved driveway. Here are the reasons why:

It Can Last a Lifetime

Concrete driveways can last for a long time. In fact, many homeowners have found that their concrete structures can go on for 30+ years without looking old or worn.

Concrete is essentially impervious to mould or weed growth, allowing driveways to maintain their appearance even with minimal maintenance.

It’s Relatively Affordable

One major advantage of choosing a concrete driveway over pavers is that it’s more cost-effective. Pavers require more labour and attention to ensure they don’t subside. In contrast, concrete is a more affordable option that uses fewer materials.

As mentioned above, concrete also doesn’t require much maintenance. This can help you save money since you don’t have to constantly deep clean your concrete driveway.

It’s Not Prone to Shifting

In Frankston, ground movement is quite common, which can cause paved driveways to crack eventually. The good news is that this won’t be an issue if you have a solid concrete driveway.

These driveways will remain functional and look good even after many years, as the constant tension in the ground will not cause the concrete to sink or become loose over time.

Is Concrete More Affordable Than Pavers?

Yes, concrete is a more affordable option compared to pavers. It’s cheaper per square meter as it requires less labour and materials during installation.

It’s an ideal home improvement project for those on a budget or who do not want to deal with constant maintenance and repairs.

How About Pave-Cut Concrete Driveways as an Alternative?

Pave-cut concrete is a great alternative to pavers because it gives the appearance of individual pavers while being made of concrete. The main advantage of pave-cut concrete is that it can be matched to any existing pavers on one’s property, which makes it ideal for repairs.

Additionally, it is significantly cheaper than pavers, making it an excellent solution for those on a budget for home improvement projects.If you want to know how long concrete driveways last, read our blog about it today.